Calligraphy Crafternoon, Reviving an Old Hobby

I remember during my elementary days I was consistently awarded ‘Best in Penmanship’. Back then, I felt like I had the best script or cursive handwriting because I practiced more than my classmates did. I already finished exercises on my writing workbook even before my teacher’s announcement of the deadline. But when I was in highschool, I somehow lost my enthusiasm in writing in cursive and preferred jotting my notes in plain handwriting. In college, things got worse.. I didn’t write much and only had one notebook because I photocopied my classmates’ notes.

Last Saturday, I had a chance to attend a Calligraphy Crafternoon organized by Ms. Alessandra Lanot at PINO Bar and Resto. Ms. A shared to us some stroke techniques, pen and ink tips, and she gave us worksheets to practice. It was an informal workshop and it’s more like learning while having fun.

I finally met the MasterCrafter, Teacher Alessandra. (sooooo kilig, fan mode! haha : D)

My first calligraphy pen. 🙂

My new-found-crafty-friends! (Apple, Keevee, and Czar.. Aya, picture coming soon hehe)

Ms. Fozzy, the Calligraphy Master, and her sample stroke. (W-O-W as in wooooow!)

To be surrounded by people who share the same interest with you was really an amazing feeling. I honestly envy people who were born singers but when I met these people who were exceptionally gifted with arts/crafts.. I didn’t feel like I envy them, it was more like inspiration-overload. I now look forward to doing ‘projects’ with my new-found-‘craftyfriends’.

Creative minds + Creative hands = Happy Calligraphers! 🙂

Playing with fonts.. and my pen kept bleeding.

The Wall of Artists.

After the workshop, I went home with a big smile in my face. I know God has sent me a message through the workshop and the creative people I met. He probably wants to remind me of things I was really passionate about so He gave me a chance to revive an old hobby.

I am really blessed beyond measure. 🙂


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