Tuesday Treats 7/31: Milka Luflee

I heard of Milka Luflee 5 years ago from my friend, Yates, who was based in Rome. On one of our conversations via skype, I asked her to give me a chocolate brand in Italy that was not available here in the Philippines. Yates told me that ‘Milka Luflee’ was popular among Italian kids so I immediately asked my mother to look for it in Milan and send us some instead of the usuals, Toblerone and Ferrero.

If there’s love at first bite, then it’s Luflee for me. How the airy chocolate bar melted in my mouth was just perfect. Now, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve asked my mom to send me Luflee everytime one of her friends in Italy will go home.

Milka Luflee. The airy chocolate bar made from the best available Alpine Milk.

And because I got curious with this trend of ‘aerated chocolates’, I did some research and here’s what I’ve found..

Why Aerate Chocolate?
It depends on who you ask, but, in general, the benefits can include the added texture, change in flavor, increased profit margin (a plus with the rising prices of cocoa), or calorie cutting. The aeration process alters the taste of the chocolate, and it becomes an entirely new medium to explore, albeit a challenging one. According to Stephen Beckett, a former researcher for Nestlé, “If you aerate [chocolate], it tends to be creamier. Its density is so low it melts very easily, and gives you a different taste.” As for increasing profits, when you aerate using carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide, the overall chocolate density can be up to half of what it normally would be. Chocolatiers are able to adjust the amount of bubbles, and the size of bubbles–depending on the process, and to achieve just the right amount of lightness in the chocolate.  [source]

Btw, thanks to Tita Anna for including my mother’s ‘padala’ on her baggage. I’m now convincing mom to look for the other Milka flavors (I found out there are 50+ varieties) and I will be patiently waiting for the next balikbayan to come home. 🙂


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