What’sforDinner : Stirfry Pork in Oystersauce

I was really planning to cook pork with broccoli in oystersauce but I ended up deleting the tree-like vegetable since no one in the family likes them.

Stirfry Pork in Oystersauce.. or whatever my family calls it!:D

My niece said it smelled so good and it tasted like adobo. My sister found it similar to pork steak then my brother-in-law told me it wasn’t so bad and it was perfect with ketchup. (I wonder why?? haha) For me, it was like pork tapa. I got the recipe from ‘Panlasang Pinoy’ but I did not follow the exact measurements indicated in the recipe. I had fun experimenting my own proportions and maybe that’s the reason why it was half-adobo-half-tapa!HAHA 😀 Thank you for my understanding family, they still ate my stirfry pork in oystersauce with a lot of gusto! 🙂


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