Beer Pong!

I have this theory that people should drink only when they are happy.. it’s like drink to remember not to forget. And since the last time my friends and I had booze was months ago, we decided to celebrate the long weekend with food feast at Mezza Norte and a new beer adventure at El Buono.

Jera was the only person in our group who knows how to play beer pong. He was daring us girls and since we were no-chickenbloods.. we accepted the challenge! The losing team shall pay for the ‘lugaw’ breakfast later. Nice bet.

61 Scout Rallos Street, cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City

PHP200 per game. 4 beers. 10 cups each team.

Shoooooot that ball!

The girls won the first game and the two boys managed to keep up on the next round. We were supposed to have a tie-breaker game but since we were invited to join the tournament that night we gave it a try. Well guess what? Our teams, Team Japan and Team China won.. in our dreams!!!!!!!!!hahahaha 😀 But it was a close fight, can’t wait to be back!

The Dream Team. 🙂

Beerpong Masters.

We ended Saturday and started Sunday with an early breakfast at the Original Pares House.

Beef Pares

And you know you really had a good time when you wake up with a head ache and a husky voice.. but who cares? Taraaaaa! Let’s play again!HAHA 😀


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